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Musiqology applauds The Freedom Principle and Endless Shout

TFP - Muhal (View From Within)

Muhal Richard Abrams, View From Within, 1985. Collage and acrylic on canvas. 17 ¾ x 25 ½ inches. Photo: Gavin Ashworth, © MCA Chicago.

Gabriel Jermaine Vanlandingham-Dunn shares his impressions of The Freedom Principle and Endless Shout in Musiqology:

“… seeing these musicians/visual artists display of passion through vibrant colors, hard tones, and interactive media has fed my soul in way that hadn’t been done through an exhibition since my last trip to Chicago. It further glues me to the formal and artistic study of my people, many of them creative types in their own right. The cherry on top is walking into a Philadelphia gallery and seeing not only artwork by people that look like me, but images centered on those very same likenesses.”

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