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Jan 27, 2017
Performa on The Freedom Principle
William J. Simmons of Performa comments on the social responsibility and relevance of The Freedom Principle: “The exhibition is–and I do not think I have ever said this–required viewing, especially as we consider the erasure of non-white individuals that will surely take place under a Trump presidency. Its range and depth are stunning in its…
Jan 27, 2017
The Pennsylvania Gazette reviews The Freedom Principle
The Pennsylvania Gazette talks with ICA’s chief curator, Anthony Elms, who adapted The Freedom Principle from its origin at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art: “The show is much more colorful than many art shows you’ll see here,” says Elms. “Not to stereotype us, but you’ll normally see a lot of black, a lot of gray,…
Jan 27, 2017
34th Street Magazine reviews Endless Shout
Claris Park of 34th Street Magazine takes a look atEndless Shout: “For most, Endless Shout may be a much different experience than what you expect. Most of us may think “improv comedy” when we hear “improvisation,” but the shows are bound to showcase some experimental and avant–garde art which tackle standard forms, themes, politics, and…
Jan 24, 2017
UWISHUNU reviews The Freedom Principle and Endless Shout
Layla A. Jones of UWISHUNU takes a closer look at The Freedom Principle and Endless Shout: “Ever since Andy Warhol and his entourage caused a near-riot here in 1965, the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) has been shaking up the city with shows hitting on progressive and poignant trends in contemporary art.…
Jan 24, 2017
Artblog on The Freedom Principle’s “Chicago Shine”
Artblog’s Andrea Kirsch describes the resonance of Chicago in The Freedom Principle: “The contemporary work in The Freedom Principle adds considerable heft to the exhibition, partially because much of it is large scale and lives up to those ambitions. The entrance is filled with the music that undergirds the exhibition, in the form of Stan…
Jan 24, 2017
Musiqology applauds The Freedom Principle and Endless Shout
Gabriel Jermaine Vanlandingham-Dunn shares his impressions of The Freedom Principle and Endless Shout in Musiqology: “… seeing these musicians/visual artists display of passion through vibrant colors, hard tones, and interactive media has fed my soul in way that hadn’t been done through an exhibition since my last trip to Chicago. It further glues me to…
Nov 4, 2016
Rodney McMillian Receives Suzanne Deal Booth Art Prize
Shortly after his solo exhibition The Black Show closed at ICA, we are happy to report that Rodney McMillian received the Suzanne Deal Booth Art Prize, which grants him a $100,000 award and an upcoming show at The Contemporary Austin in Texas. Read more.
Sep 20, 2016
The New York Times Recommends The Freedom Principle
In The New York Times’ Art Fall Preview, Martha Schwendener includes The Freedom Principle in a listing of national exhibitions “From East Coast to West Coast. From Concrete to Ethereal.” Read more.