Photo Story: Spiegel-Wilks Seminar student curators go behind the scenes of their exhibition, Do/Tell

The Penn student curators of Do/Tell, which opens this Wednesday at 6pm, visited artist Heather Hart as she put the finishing touches to her porch installation at ICA.

One student curator, Samantha Sharon, photographed the class’s encounter with the installation, which ICA visitors will be able to walk on or crawl underneath to find an archive of local oral histories collected by artist Erin Bernard, the curators, and Jubilee School students from West Philadelphia.

Workshops, open sketch nights, and film screenings will also activate Hart’s porch throughout the duration of the exhibition.
Do/Tell, exterior vinyl (2015)Do/Tell, during installation with artist Heather Hart (2015)Do/Tell, during installation (2015)Do/Tell, Spiegel-Wilks Seminar students with Paul Swenbeck (2015)Do/Tell, Spiegel-Wilks Seminar students with Heather Hart (2015)Do/Tell, during installation (2015)Do/Tell, during installation (2015)Do/Tell, during installation (2015)Do/Tell, during installation with Heather Hart (2015)

Do/Tell: Erin Bernard, Heather Hart, Rachelle Mozman, and Akosua Adoma Owusu