Season Preview: Winter exhibitions open Wednesday, February 4

ICA’s winter season features four new exhibitions and a packed program of live performances, screenings, lectures, and conversations. Join us for the opening celebration at 6pm on Wednesday, February 4.
Barbara Kasten

Documentation of Barbara Kasten working in her studio, New York, NY, 1983. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Barbara Kasten: Stages

The first major survey of the work of artist Barbara Kasten takes its cue from the multiple ways in which Kasten herself has staged her work since the 1970s, both in the studio and on site.

The exhibition makes links between her more well-known photographic series of studio constructions and architectural interventions and her earliest fiber sculptures, mixed media works, cyanotype prints, and forays into set design. Kasten will create a new large-scale, site-specific video installation in the ICA galleries. Organized by curator Alex Klein.
Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, *The Incidental Insurgents: The Part about the Bandits* production still (2013)

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, The Incidental Insurgents: The Part about the Bandits, 2012, video still. Courtesy of the artists and Carroll/Fletcher Gallery.

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abu-Rahme: The Incidental Insurgents

Taking the contemporary moment in Palestine as a starting point, this sprawling, multi-segmented installation addresses the eclipsing of political radicality and the search for a new political imaginary.

Organized by curator Kate Kraczon, this exhibition is the first United States presentation of The Incidental Insurgents and serves as an incubator for the final chapter of this project, which will debut at the Sharjah Biennial in March 2015.
Harold Mendez, *Antioquia* sculpture (2014)

“Harold Mendez, Antioquia, 2014, reclaimed wood, limestone, wax, hand ground cochineal insects, logwood extract,rn23 x 17 x 11 inches. Courtesy of the artist.”

Traces in the Dark: Deanna Bowen, Harold Mendez, Gregory Sholette

If we light up the traces in the dark, will we see their invisible ubiquity? Of what whole will we see?

Curator Liz Park posed these questions to the artists as prompts to think through the ways in which we engage with the margins of recorded history. Collectively, their projects question what we can and cannot see of the radical and tumultuous pasts from where we stand today.
Jason Hsu, *Sunset*, still (2014)

Jason Hsu, Sunset, video still, 2014.

Open Video Call

In this fifteenth year of Open Video Call, ICA presents new works on video by Philadelphia-area artists and filmmakers Scott Cooper, Jason Hsu, Michelle Macinsky, Yue Nakayama, Jen Nugent and Jorge Galvan, and Amanda Wagner.

Organized by curator Kate Kraczon.
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