Shake it UP: Martha Wilson and Amy Sadao at AUX Performance Space

Portrait: Martha Wilson (2015)

Martha Wilson. Source:

Organized by the fifth AUX Performance Space fellow, Katya Grokhovsky, this event at Vox Populi, Philadelphia, includes the lecture “Transformations, Invasions, and Pushing Boundaries” by artist Martha Wilson and a conversation between Wilson and ICA Director Amy Sadao.

Wilson’s lecture chronicles the interwoven stages of her creative contributions within the context of early feminist and socially engaged studio practice as well as her dissemination of the work of like-minded individuals through the auspices of Franklin Furnace. Central to the discussion is Wilson’s presence as an agent of transformative change, initially in her artwork and then her facilitation of cultural change through her directorial presence at Franklin Furnace. Wilson’s selection of thirty projects from thirty years of programming at Franklin Furnace also becomes a self-portrait of sorts as she highlights works that are historically significant for pushing boundaries within exhibition and display culture as well as society at large.

This intergenerational evening is part of a powerful program series curated by Katya Grokhovsky, which concludes with Feminist Urgent Roundtable on Sunday, May 24.