The Brooklyn Rail reviews Myths of the Marble

Florian Meisenberg_Of Defective Gods_2

Florian Meisenberg, Of Defective Gods & Lucid Dreams (The Museum is Closed for Renovation), 2017. Installation: custom carpet, VR live-render-interactive-fluid-simulation, HTC Vive, 5 paintings (custom CNC-cut stretchers, oil paint, iridescent acrylic paint, and airbrush on canvas). Courtesy the artist and Aviskari Gallery, Copenhagen.

In The Brooklyn Rail, Leah Gallant writes about Myths of the Marble, on view at ICA through August 6, 2017:

“[Florian] Meisenberg’s piece, like others in Myths of the Marble, posits virtual reality as both an imagined world and one predicated on the lived experiences of its makers…We encounter most of the objects in our lives first through their digital representations, then, with the click of a button, the things themselves arrive on our doorsteps. Here the place that stuff comes from, be it Amazon or the internet, is rendered as a pulsing black blob: a force which is generative but also ominous.”

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