The New York Times: ICA Granted First Annual Ellsworth Kelly Award

Cauleen Smith 2

“Portrait of Cauleen Smith in Space Station Monk-Ranger. Photo: Cecil MacDonald. 2013.rn”

Robin Pogrebin of The New York Times highlights ICA’s recent Ellsworth Kelly Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, which will be used to curate an exhibition of Cauleen Smith’s artwork in 2018:

“The donation includes a $40,000 grant to support a solo exhibition by an emerging, midcareer or little-known contemporary visual artist at a regional art museum, or university or college art gallery in the United States.

The first Ellsworth Kelly Award is going to the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania for a solo exhibition of film, video and sculpture by the Chicago-based filmmaker and artist Cauleen Smith in the fall of 2018, curated by Anthony Elms.

‘Cauleen is at this funny moment where she’s done a huge amount of work in Chicago,” [Glenn] Ligon said, ‘but she’s not doing the kind of show that lends itself to big gallery support.’”

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