The New York Times Interviews Rodney McMillian and Chief Curator Anthony Elms about The Black Show

Rodney McMillian NYT

Rodney McMillian at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Credit: John Taggart, The New York Times

Randy Kennedy interviews Rodney McMillian and ICA Chief Curator Anthony Elms in The New York Times:

“It is simply a different transformation of what he calls “post-consumer items” to channel a sense of home, love, loss and bodies, particularly black bodies, for which the line between the personal and the political can be razor-thin. ‘There’s one piece in our show with the word ‘target’ in the title and another with ‘flag,’’ said Anthony Elms, chief curator of the Institute of Contemporary Art. ‘There’s a painting that’s a representation of a pair of lungs.’ (Visitors probably won’t miss the allusions, particularly to the Eric Garner case.)

Mr. Elms added, ‘I was prepped by Rodney that it was going to be a pretty dark show, that we were starting with heavy material, and it was probably only going to get heavier.’”

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