VICE calls Easternsports “a baroque, surrealist masterpiece”

Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte”s studio, 2014. Photo: Matthew Leifheit for VICE.

Last Friday night in Philadelphia, a holy trinity of hot young contemporary artists unleashed Easternsports, a four-channel video of elaborate proportions, onto the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Contemporary Art. The dream team is spearheaded by Alex Da Corte, a 2010 graduate of the Yale School of Art whose career could be described as “blowin’ up,” as the kids say, and Jayson Musson, an interdisciplinary artist famous on YouTube as satirical art critic, Hennessy Youngman. To complete the trifecta, Dev Hynes, popularly known as recording artist Blood Orange, composed an original score for the video in real time while watching it projected in Da Corte’s studio in Philly. If the contemporary art world were a game of fantasy football, this is the team I would pick.

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Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson: Easternsports