“What is damage?”—The St. Claire on Elisabeth Subrin’s ICA@50 exhibition

ICA@50: Elisabeth Subrin

Elisabeth Subrin: Damage Report: Francesca Woodman: Photographic Work (1989) in ICA@50: Pleasing Artists and Publics Since 1963, Installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art. Photo: Aaron Igler/Greenhouse Media.

ICA@50 artist Elisabeth Subrin participates in The St. Claire’s form review with writers Stacey Holder and Olivia Menta:

The St. Claire: Who would be this exhibition’s parents? What might it’s children look like?

Elisabeth Subrin: The parents might be Christian Boltanski and Julia Kristeva. Its children might be young woman artists who don’t inherit the history of silence. Or kids with crayons embellishing the damage.

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Elisabeth Subrin: Damage Report / Francesca Woodman: Photographic Work (1989)