Art Agenda: Sissel Tolaas’s RE_________

Sissel Tolaas’s RE:
by Murtaza Vali for Art Agenda
December 16, 2022

A visit to Sissel Tolaas’s RE_________ is unnerving, exciting, and, ultimately, strangely liberating. Countering the deodorization of social and cultural life, in the West especially, Berlin-based Tolaas has, for three decades, worked to remind us of the importance of the sense of smell in how we experience and understand ourselves, our relationships to others, and to our environment. She first records and deconstructs real-world smells into their molecular components, then synthesizes and represents them as olfactory artworks, demonstrating how smell remains a vital carrier of information and mode of communication. Airborne and inseparable from breath, our awareness of smell has been, inadvertently, heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. And to properly experience Tolaas’s exhibition means ignoring the invisible, omnipresent, aerosolized threat of contagion that has haunted public life of late and shedding our masks to inhale fully, freely, openly, again and again, as we touch, scratch, sniff, and lather up with objects and surfaces previously handled by strangers.

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