Interview: Terence Nance Introduces Solange to His Imaginary Friend

Terence Nance Introduces Solange to His Imaginary Friend

By Solange Knowles for Interview

March 9, 2023

Years ago, Terence Nance and Solange Knowles were slated to star in an Afrofuturist film by Barry Jenkins called Wonderland, where they’d play a married couple shot back into the past by a time-travel machine powered exclusively by Stevie Wonder songs. When the two got together last month in Philadelphia, where Nance is about to debut his first-ever solo exhibition Swarm at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, Solange wondered how different their lives might be had the film come to pass. “My feeling,” Nance said, “is that we would have made the work we ended up making.” A fitting answer, given how much of Nance’s expansive and multi-disciplinary oeuvre feels powered by creative instinct and destiny. The artist and filmmaker, who grew up not far from Solange in Dallas, Texas, has now collected several of his surrealist experiments in film and sound—including his short film Swimming in Your Skin Again and his HBO series Random Acts of Flyness—in an immersive show co-organized by BlackStar Projects and curated by Maori Karmael Holmes. Before the opening of Swarm, on March 10th, Nance met up with his old friend and would-be co-star to shoot some film photography and talk spirituality, gentrification and their Texas origins. Then, they introduced one another to their respective imaginary friends, or “sentient wounds,” as Nance likes to call it.

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