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Nov 20, 2019
Art in America: Trevor Shimizu’s Painter Persona Spoofs Masculine Ideals of Artistic Genius
Trevor Shimizu’s Painter Persona Spoofs Masculine Ideals of Artistic Genius By Emily Watlington for Art in America November 20, 2019 Throughout his expansive body of work, New York–based artist Trevor Shimizu has been “willing to reveal highly personal and potentially shameful things” while simultaneously “cultivating a Fantasy Self—an ideal self-image.” I’ve excerpted those characterizations not…
Oct 1, 2019
Art in America: Dark Hauntology: Matthew Angelo Harrison’s sculptures conjure the ghosts of the racial violence engendered by global modernity
New Technologies, Haunted by the Ghosts of Modernity by Michael McCanne for Art in America October 1, 2019 When European colonizers arrived on The shores of central Africa, some Indigenous people believed they were spirits returning from the dead. In King Leopold’s Ghost (1998), historian Adam Hochschild describes one such encounter. The people living near…
Aug 1, 2019
Brooklyn Rail: Colored People Time
Colored People Time By Devin Malone for Brooklyn Rail August 1, 2019 In 1971, leadership at both the Institute for Contemporary Art Philadelphia and The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum), proposed the idea of collaborating on a project that would bridge ethnographic objects and contemporary art practices. It wasn’t until…
Jul 2, 2019
Artillery Magazine: Tony Conrad
Introducing Tony Conrad: A Retrospective By Clayton Campbell for Artillery July 2, 2019 Introducing Tony Conrad: A Retrospective is the first large-scale museum survey devoted to work originally presented by the artist in his museum and gallery exhibitions. It premiered at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and has traveled to the Institute of Contemporary Art at…
May 17, 2019
Artforum: About Time
About Time – Huey Copeland in conversation with Meg Onli By Huey Copeland for Artforum May 2019 Throughout this year, the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania is presenting Colored People Time, an exhibition comprising three chapters: Mundane Futures (February 1–March 31), Quotidian Pasts (April 26–August 11), and Banal Presents (September 13–December…
May 15, 2019
Frieze: Tony Conrad Thought of Everything
Tony Conrad Thought of Everything By Shiv Kotecha for Frieze May 15, 2019 No one ignored technology’s prescriptive limits better than Tony Conrad. In his six-decade long career as a composer, filmmaker, installation artist, activist and teacher, Conrad agitated countless aesthetic, sensory and perceptual regimes. In Introducing Tony Conrad: A Retrospective at the ICA, Philadelphia,…