Penn Today: Classroom, meet gallery; gallery, meet classroom

Classroom, meet gallery; gallery, meet classroom
by Brandon Baker
March 15, 2022

Linda Goode Bryant, artistic director of RAW Academie at ICA, was on a panel in 2014 at the Brooklyn Museum, where she’d been invited to speak to an audience about her exhibition, “Crossing Brooklyn.” Looking out at the audience from above, the dynamic stirred something within her.

“I can’t remember what the trigger was now, but at some point, I just said, ‘All of you out there looking at us, tell me: If you were to imagine a space where you want to engage art, experience it, and be able to commune with it, would it be this?’” she recalls saying, motioning to the room around her.

This moment was the seed of a larger conversation she hopes will be unpacked in the upcoming seven-week residency at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA): a frank, critical assessment of art infrastructure involving artists, teachers, students, and the public.

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