News Release

ICA Announces Spring 2017 Graduate Lecturers

Philadelphia, PA

Amy Sadao, Daniel W. Dietrich, II Director at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, announced today the selection of Danièle Dennis (MFA ‘18) and Lauren Altman (MFA ’18) as the newest Graduate Lecturers. Both began working on January 18 and will host a Coffee & Conversation this season.

Both Altman and Dennis will join existing lecturers, Anna-Claire Stinebring and Hilary R. Whitham from the History of Art Department, to host Coffee & Conversation events this spring.

ICA Graduate Lecturers are selected upon application from graduate students in the History of Art and PennDesign programs. They serve as ambassadors to ICA, facilitating access to exhibitions by engaging visitors in dynamic conversations about artworks, designing and leading tours through the museum. Lecturers play an active role in animating the ICA’s mission to engage and connect with the art of our time.

For more information on Danièle Dennis, Lauren Altman, the Graduate Lecturer program, and the spring 2017 Coffee & Conversation schedule, read the entire press release here.