ICA is committed to the work of anti-racism. We are also proud to showcase and support the work of black artists and makers. Like many cultural institutions, we have benefited immeasurably from black cultural production, but we need to do more to support the black community. In conversations over the last week our staff has encouraged the institution to recognize our flaws and our role in perpetuating systemic racism. We acknowledge that role and pledge to work within our organization to be more accountable and to commit to positive change. We are appreciative of our staff for being diligent about speaking to these issues, and for their work towards addressing how we as an institution can be more impactful in dismantling systemic racism. 

In solidarity with the staff, we have agreed to be more accountable to our publics by taking these initial steps within our own institution.   

We will: 


We recognize that real change will take time, that we have a tremendous amount of work to do, and that this work will be long term and ongoing. We accept that responsibility and will work as an organization to reflect the values that we aspire to live by. We also welcome your critical feedback on these actions.

John McInerney, Interim Daniel W. Dietrich, II Director