Jes Kaminski

Business Administrator

Photo by Marcus Maddox.

As the Business Administrator, Kaminski works across multiple ICA + University-wide departments and software platforms, and is responsible for financial reporting for gift and grant spending financial expense reporting. She is a member of Penn’s Association of Business Administrators and a University of Pennsylvania Sustainability Eco-Rep. Her first job with ICA, some eight years ago, was selling ICA publications and limited-edition prints one day a week.

Before coming to ICA, Kaminski worked in staff and management positions at Borders bookstore in Reading, Pennsylvania and as well as a East Coast/North Regional trainer with the company’s home office. She also worked full-time in Philadelphia’s fun + fast-paced food & beverage service industry for nearly a decade. Jes truly believes in the significance of the work the ICA strives to do, and welcomes the benefits and challenges of doing that work within the framework of the larger university.