Spring 2017 Opening Reception, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. Photo: Constance Mensh.

“With this Campaign, we continue our trajectory of showcasing exceptional artists who have otherwise been overlooked — and presenting their work to Penn, to Philadelphia, and to the world.”


The Institute of Contemporary Art’s simple but powerful slogan “Free. For all.” stands for more than just a lack of an admission fee. It reflects an access-oriented philosophy about what a contemporary art experience should be. ICA takes risks. It is a prescient incubator for emerging artists, and it turns up the volume of underrepresented voices. By presenting work that challenges viewers, ICA invites them to reconsider previously held opinions and promotes greater understanding of an unfamiliar perspective. The commitment to provoking deeper thought is central to ICA’s mission, and plans call for extending outreach throughout Penn’s campus and beyond. “Art should be public, inclusive and open to all,” says Maori Holmes, ICA’s first Director of Public Engagement.

Opening its doors more widely, especially to those for whom exposure to contemporary art is new, is one of ICA’s top Campaign priorities. By reaching a wide range of audiences and offering opportunities for shared experiences that build community, ICA emphasizes Penn’s relevance in an increasingly stratified world.

Begun in 2016, ICA’s popular Gather events increase public awareness and provide opportunities to connect with people from the surrounding neighborhood and with members of partner cultural organizations, who often co-sponsor programs. “I Wonder What Else Could Be Different Around Here: A Poetic Intersection with Music and Art,” was a partnership with PHILALALIA and artist Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela. Working with the Leeway Foundation and Girls Rock Philly led to “revolutionary noise: music as struggle and healing,” while another Gather collaboration with the BlackStar Film Festival celebrated author Shantrelle P. Lewis’ new book, “Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style.”

Over half of all Gather attendees have been first-time visitors, with a large turnout from the surrounding neighborhood. “We’ve seen a 34 percent increase in traffic since we began the Gather program,” says Holmes. “Attendees come up to us and tell us how much they enjoy and appreciate the program.” To date, ICA has held nearly a dozen of these events and plans to increase their number and frequency in the coming year. “Gather is our opportunity to be a good neighbor—to West Philadelphia first, then to all of the city,” says Holmes.

ICA Campaign

Penn’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is internationally recognized for presenting work that amplifies the voices of artists who have not been heard.

ICA is a non-collecting contemporary art museum, a rare kunsthalle. This frees our curators to explore the globe, uncovering original artists in media ranging from painting to performance. We present art that confronts visitors with new ideas, building the muscle to think differently, which is essential to a well-rounded Penn education.

New, ambitious support will allow ICA to ensure the stability of our unique, curatorial vision, directly introducing more Penn students to contemporary art, and extending the impact of our exhibitions and scholarship by engaging the broader public.


OPEN OUR DOORS MORE WIDELY by expanding our public outreach through programming and marketing communications that invite Philadelphians to see ICA as their own

MAKE OUR EXHIBITIONS MORE ACCESSIBLE through a wide range of intriguing public programming and interdisciplinary collaborations that will bring students to ICA from across Penn’s campus

UNDERLINE OUR REPUTATION FOR INNOVATION by increasing endowment for curatorial and key leadership positions whose roles ensure ICA’s strength in presenting fresh and thought-provoking work

Join us! Your membership support helps ICA open our doors more widely, giving more people the opportunity to learn about the artists and art of our time! Members of all levels are invited to ICA’s special previews with artists and curators.

  • Current Penn Student…………Free
  • Student…………………………..$25 and above
  • Artist-Advocate………………..$50 and above
  • Dual……………………………….$100 and above*
  • Enthusiast……………………….$250 and above**
  • Connoisseur…………………….$500 and above***

Join ICA’s Donor Club and explore the world of contemporary art from curator-led exhibitions at renowned museums to intimate visits to artist’s studios and exclusive gatherings in homes of collectors.

    Recent donor club excursions:

  • Visit to the studio and home of artist Cary Leibowitz, NY
  • Driving tour of Monument Lab in Philadelphia
  • Curator-led tour of Peter Hujar: Speed of Life at The Morgan Library & Museum NY
  • Private visit to the home and studio of Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt during Miami Basel
  • Special tour of the Easton Foundation in New York, the living and working space of artist Louise Bourgeois, NY

More Information:

Call ICA’s Development office: 215-898-4980

To give to the donor club, click here.

Take part in a full calendar of opening receptions, special previews, artist-curator talks, interactive events and activities all year long. ICA is open until 8 PM Wednesdays! Our twice-annual FREE FOR ALL party includes art, music, performance, free food and takeaways like DIY terrariums, nail art, and photo booth snaps!

Exhibition members-only preview: Friday, September 14, 2018

Ree Morton: The Plant That Heals May Also Poison
Cauleen Smith: Give It or Leave It

Exhibition members-only preview: Friday, April 26, 2019

Open Video Call: 20th Anniversary Edition

At ICA, you will encounter the unexpected.

Art has the power to question – to inspire – to heal.

We are known for presenting work that amplifies the voices of artists who have not been heard and we are reaching out to an ever-widening group of people eager to learn.

Consider a gift to ICA and help us open our doors more widely and make contemporary art accessible to everyone!

Photo: Amit Gabai

Join us at ICA’s annual benefit gala where we honor artists and other luminaries in the field of contemporary art while you mingle with other supporters of ICA and their guests!

For more information about how to participate in ICA Benefit 2019, click here.

Agnes Martin’s 1973 retrospective at ICA is credited for inspiring the artist to resume making art following a pause that lasted over five years. In appreciation of the exhibition, publication, and public lecture opportunities, Martin made a series of gifts to ICA’s endowment from 1975–1976. Now worth well over $1 million Martin’s visionary support enables exhibitions and programming at an institution dedicated to risk-taking in the service of art and artists.

Membership in the Agnes Martin Legacy Circle acknowledges those whose foresight and generosity will ensure that the art of our time and its ability to expand and enliven understanding of the world will always be a part of students’ experiences at Penn. Notification of your gift enables ICA to confidently plan for its future— ensuring students and the greater community access to world-class contemporary art.

Becoming a Member of the Agnes Martin Legacy Circle

Membership is extended to individuals who have provided for the Institute of Contemporary Art through a will or living trust, a retirement plan or life insurance policy, or a life income arrangement such as a Charitable Gift, Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust. Your gift also entitles you to all the benefits of membership in the University’s Charles Custis Harrison Society.

To become a member of ICA’s Agnes Martin Legacy Circle contact: Hilary Alger, Director of Development, ICA, 215-573-1045, halger@ica.upenn.edu or Lynn Malzone Ierardi, J.D. Director of Gift Planning, The University of Pennsylvania, 215-898-6171 or lierardi@upenn.edu.

It is with great appreciation that ICA thanks all our supporters.

  • Free Admission to ICA for the public is sponsored by the Amanda (C‘95) and Glenn (W‘87/WG‘88) Fuhrman Fund.

ICA’s exhibitions and programs are made possible, in part, by the following foundations, corporations, public agencies, and individuals:


  • Barbara Picasso Rex Foundation
  • Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation
  • Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
  • The Ellsworth Kelly Award made possible by The Ellsworth Kelly Foundation and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts
  • Hemera Foundation
  • Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
  • The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  • The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage


  • Le Méridien Philadelphia, Unlock Art™ Partner*
  • Tina Kim Gallery
  • Weiss Turkus Projects

Public Agencies

  • Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
  • Philadelphia Cultural Fund


  • Anonymous (2)
  • Nancy E. and Leonard M. Amoroso Exhibition Fund
  • Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson Publication Fund
  • Dorothy H. and Martin N. Bandier Endowment Fund
  • Chodorow Exhibition Initiative Fund
  • ICA Vision: Arthur M. Cohen Fund
  • Daniel W. Dietrich, II Directorship Fund
  • Carol T. and John G. Finley Fund
  • ICA Vision: Steven and Cheri Friedman Fund
  • The Inchworm Fund
  • Andrea B. Laporte Curator Fund
  • Marjorie E. and Michael J. Levine Fund
  • Christina Weiss Lurie Fund
  • Hilarie L. and Mitchell Morgan Fund
  • ICA Vision: Lawrence S. Reichlin Fund
  • Katherine (CW‘69) and Keith (W‘67) Sachs Guest Curator Program
  • The Sachs Program for Arts Innovation
  • Pamela Spiegel Sanders (C‘78) Exhibition Fund
  • B.Z. and Michael H. Schwartz Curatorial Travel Fund
  • Howard and Patricia Bleznak Silverstein Exhibition Fund
  • Brett A. and Daniel S. Sundheim Fund
  • Daniel and Brett Sundheim Chief Curator Fund
  • Daniel and Brett Sundheim Exhibition Promotion Fund
  • Dorothy and Stephen R. Weber (CHE‘60) Curator Fund
  • Caroline Gittis Werther and Daniel Werther Endowed Fund
  • Lise and Jeffrey Wilks Family Foundation and the
  • Emily and Jerry Spiegel Fund to Support Contemporary Culture and the Visual Arts

$10,000 plus

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Barbara and Theodore Aronson
  • Pamela Toub Berkman and David J. Berkman
  • Julie L. and Lawrence J.Bernstein
  • Charles X Block
  • Carol T. and John G. Finley
  • Wendy Fisher
  • Amanda and Glenn Fuhrman
  • Kirk Kirkpatrick
  • Andrea B. Laporte
  • Judith Glickman Lauder and Leonard A. Lauder
  • Marjorie E. and Michael J. Levine
  • Toby Devan Lewis
  • Carolyn and Winston Lowe
  • Josephine A. Magliocco
  • Amanda S. and Andrew Megibow
  • Maria Eugenia Mendez
  • Hilarie L. and Mitchell Morgan
  • Midge G. and Simon D. Palley
  • Lori W. and John R. Reinsberg
  • Allison M. and Neil L. Rubler
  • Katherine and Keith L. Sachs
  • Ella B. Schaap
  • Stephanie B. and David E. Simon
  • Brett A. and Daniel S. Sundheim
  • Lisa A. and Steven A. Tananbaum
  • Sally V. and John C. Van Doren
  • Meredith L. and Bryan S. Verona
  • Dorothy and Stephen R. Weber
  • Caroline Gittis Werther and Daniel J. Werther
  • Lise and Jeffrey Wilks


  • Jill F. and Sheldon M. Bonovitz
  • Cecile and Christopher J. D’Amelio
  • Jeffrey D. Marrazzo
  • Babette and Harvey Snyder


  • Anonymous (1)
  • David Barquist and Doug Schaller
  • Ellen and Stephen B. Burbank
  • Mary Ellen Cetra and John Collett
  • Nathalie Du Pasquier**
  • Tye Comer and Brian Gould
  • Sherry and Brian Effron
  • Johanna K. Flaum
  • Cheriand Steven Friedman
  • James G. Fulton, Jr. and Eric B. Rymshaw
  • Barbara Harberger
  • Lesley K. and Evan H.Heller
  • Melissa and Roy Jones
  • Margery P. Lee
  • Tammy L. and Jay N. Levine
  • Diane and Robert Levy
  • Alexandra H. and Grayson G. Nash
  • Randee and Scott Paston
  • Jane and David Preiser
  • Susan D. Ravenscroft
  • Stefanie B. and Evan Reed
  • Norma and Lawrence S. Reichlin
  • Stephanie L. Roach
  • Marguerite V. Rodgers and James H. Timberlake
  • Nina and Ivan Ross
  • Erica H. and Eric S. Schwartz
  • Jamie Stern
  • Judith Tannenbaum
  • John Y. Wind
  • Jerry Wind


  • Susan and Cummins Catherwood
  • Charlene O’Connor Eichman
  • Amarilice Lefton
  • James McHugh
  • Amy Sadao and Thomas E. Devaney, Jr.
  • Lauren Stakias
  • Pamela Yau




Community Outreach Committee Members – Winter/Spring 2018 Exhibitions

  • Rebecca Alpert
  • Olivia Antsis
  • Chris Bartlett
  • Matt Bussy
  • James Claiborne
  • Sara Zia Ebrahimi
  • Anne Esacove
  • Paul Farber
  • Michelle Fisher
  • Maxine Gaiber
  • Robert Goodman
  • Sharon Hayes
  • John Heon
  • Niall Jones
  • Sukari Keetin
  • Fariha Khan
  • Diedra Krieger
  • Aaron Levy
  • Louis Massiah
  • Sharrona Pearl
  • Jesse Pires
  • Deb Rudman
  • Deborah A. Thomas
  • Alexander Unkovic
  • Peter Van Do
  • Bethany Wiggin
  • Barbie Zelizer
  • Carol Zou

Special thanks to the Provost’s Office of the University of Pennsylvania for support through a grant from the Interdisciplinary Arts Fund.

(Complete as of 4/27/2018)