Nov 11, 2015, 6:30PM

Christopher Knowles Performance: The Sundance Kid is Beautiful


Christopher Knowles, *The Sundance Kid is Beautiful* (2013)

Christopher Knowles, The Sundance Kid is Beautiful, 2013. Photo: Julian Mommert.

Conceived as theater in the round, The Sundance Kid is Beautiful presents Christopher Knowles, the multitalented poet, linguist, performer, and visual artist. This sixty-minute solo work—performed within Knowles’s ICA exhibition—features the artist performing multiple actions in different time and scale registers in concert with more than a dozen short texts, including selections from his libretto for Robert Wilson and Phillip Glass’s landmark opera Einstein on the Beach. Lighting and sculptural props silhouette and magnify Knowles in a landscape-like environment so that he becomes a larger-than-life character inside his own universe. Knowles employs a distinctly rigorous yet playful logic to explore the relationships between language, sign, and meaning where the stage is fashioned as a veritable illustrated snapshot of his world, one in which the artist and audience can join in celebration. The result is a deeply intimate introduction into the radiant and subterranean work of Christopher Knowles.

Free registration required, chairs and floor seating will be available.

Ticket holders, please arrive promptly, as entrance to the performance will close at 6:35pm. The exhibition Christopher Knowles: In a Word will be closed to visitors without performance tickets from 5:30pm to 8pm.