Feb 15, 2012, 7PM

Screenings: Foreword to Guns for Banta and Domestic Tourism II


ICA explored the revolutionary potential of film and the cinematic archive with a series of screenings, discussions, and performances presented as part of the exhibition Living Document / Naked Reality: Towards an Archival Cinema. We retraced Third Cinema director Sarah Maldoror’s lost film through Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc’€™s Foreword to Guns for Banta (2010, 29 min., black-and-white, sound) and experienced the complexities of a rapidly changing society in Maha Maamoun’s film Domestic Tourism II (2009, 62 min., color, sound), composed of excerpts from Egyptian films that feature the pyramids. The screenings were followed by a conversation between Nora Alter, professor of film and media arts at Temple University, and Eve M. Troutt Powell, associate professor of history at Penn.