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Feb 21, 2013, 6:30PM

PennDesign Fine Arts Lecture Series: Wael Shawky


PennDesign Wael Shawky

PennDesign Wael Shawky

Hear directly from artists about the ideas, obstacles, evolutions, and retrenchments that inform their work.

Wael Shawky is an international artist who has participated in workshops, residencies, biennials, and solo shows in Europe, Asia, and North America. Using children or puppets to reenact narratives, Shawky’s work deals with the historical events of the Middle East through videos, installations, and sculpture. He creates layered and immersive video experiences with meticulously produced settings and costumes, along with a wealth of literary and historic references and music.

Shawky completed his BFA at the University of Alexandria in 1994, followed by an MFA at the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. He currently lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt.