Sep 9–Dec 17, 2006

Irene Fortuyn


Irene Fortuyn, 2006

Irene Fortuyn, 2006, installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.

Every season ICA commissions an artist to create a new site-specific temporary work for the Ramp that links the first and second floor galleries. A transitional space, the Ramp is 52 feet long and is visible from the street through architecturally-scaled picture windows on the building’s façade. Especially when it is illuminated at night, each of the commissioned works transforms the Ramp into a window onto ICA’s innovative program of contemporary art. Since the series began in 2000, the Ramp has been a site for a diverse range of creative approaches, including wall paintings by Ingrid Calame, Arturo Herrera, and Amy Sillman; environmental installations by Virgil Marti and Judy Pfaff; a light and sound piece by Nadine Robinson; an on-going conceptual project by Alexandra Mir; and most recently, street photography by Zoe Strauss.

Because every Ramp project is a commission, created specifically for the space, it is impossible to know what exactly will be on view, until the work is completed. Based on a site visit, Irene Fortuyn’s preliminary plan responds to the tree visible through the Ramp’s picture windows. The installation will involve tree branches, cut during the spring and cast in bronze. Natural branching in the tree limbs will create an abstract pattern on the walls of the Ramp, which will also be colored and patterned with fireplace ashes. Handmade colored streamers will change daily according to the day of the week.

Fortuyn makes work about the disposition of place. Cool and intelligent, her installations, sculptures, books, public artworks, and drawings create spaces where psychological and emotional effects can be loosened, more freely associated, or contrasted.
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ICA acknowledges primary sponsorship of the William Penn Foundation for this project. We are also grateful for funding from the Mondriaan Foundation and the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York. Additional funding has been provided by The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The Dietrich Foundation, Inc., the Overseers Board for the Institute of Contemporary Art, friends and members of ICA, and the University of Pennsylvania. ICA is also grateful for inkind support from Loews Philadelphia Hotel.