Mar 24–Jun 6, 2010

Video Art: Replay, Part 3. Ludicrous!


Video Art: Replay is a yearlong, three-part exhibition offering a snapshot of recent video art. Video Art: Replay reprises ICA’s early commitment to new art forms shared in its prescient 1975 Video Art exhibition. The exhibition’s concentration on three themes prevalent in video art—documentary (Part 1. Asking Not Telling, September 11-December 6, 2009), animation (Part 2. Everyday Imaginary, January 15-March 21, 2010), and comedy (Part 3. Ludicrous!, March 24-June 6, 2010)—will further focus the wide-ranging field of single-channel, projected video.

The final part, subtitled Ludicrous!, includes 11 works that are often laughter-inducing (both joyful and nervous) by way of obvious absurdity, eccentricity, and incongruity. The artists employ such comedic devices as satire, amateurish acting, fantastical narratives, fruitless stances, wacky juxtaposition, and costume and disguise in elaborate performances. Many of the videos immerse audiences in magnificently bizarre worlds. Others use parody to soften the blow on topics that range from the machinations of the art world, to history’s embarrassing hiccups, to the ridiculousness of the recession.
Ron AmstutzTamy Ben-TorBrian BressHarry DodgeStanya KahnMary Reid KelleyMores McWreathMy BarbarianShannon Plumb

ICA acknowledges support from The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation; the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts; The Dietrich Foundation, Inc.; the Overseers Board for the Institute of Contemporary Art; friends and members of ICA; and the University of Pennsylvania.