News Release

ICA Announces 2017-2018 Graduate Lecturers

December 12, 2017

The Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce its 2017-2018 Graduate Lecturers: Adrienne Hall, Jeffrey Katzin, and Francesca Richman.

ICA Graduate Lecturers are selected upon application from graduate students in the History of Art and PennDesign programs. They serve as ambassadors to ICA, facilitating access to exhibitions by engaging visitors in dynamic conversations about artworks, designing and leading tours through the museum. Lecturers play an active role in animating the ICA’s mission to engage and connect with the art of our time.

Adrienne Hall is an MFA candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Interested in the symbols and histories embedded in the body and cultural objects, she works through sculpture, installation, and performance to investigate the collision between diasporic and nationalistic identities. Her current work borrows from languages of architectural design, theatre, and cultural studies and makes use of the absent or displaced body to highlight experiences of hypervisibility and invisibility. Originally from Toronto, she has a background in design practice and research and holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph.

Jeffrey Katzin is a PhD candidate in the History of Art Department at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is writing a dissertation on the history and potential of abstract photography. He is particularly concerned with abstract art and its capacities to convey political, philosophical, and personal meaning. His research interests also range into painting, lm, video, and video games. Katzin is also a member of the Incubation Series, which brings together students in Penn’s History of Art and Fine Art departments to present collaborative exhibitions, and is sponsored by the Penn Provost’s Interdisciplinary Arts Fund in partnership with the ICA.

Francesca Richman is a MA candidate in the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania. Francesca is from Connecticut and graduated from Bucknell University with a double BA in Art History and Italian Studies. While broadly interested in modern and contemporary issues, Francesca’s research focuses on public art and architecture. Previously, Francesca has held internships at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Glass House, and Phillips Auction House. Along with Jessica Hough, she curated Remote Control at Tiger Strikes Asteroid in 2016 as part of the Incubation Series.