Apr 16–Apr 27, 2014

RAIR: Mary Ellen Carroll / Made in Philadelphia (1980)


Organized by Assistant Curator Kate Kraczon


Artist Mary Ellen Carroll produces the second of three projects through RAIR (Recycled Artists in Residence), reactivating the ICA series Made in Philadelphia.

The show opens with a performance by METAL EYES at 6:30 p.m. on April 16.
ICA@50: Waste Music (Marshall Amp print)ICA@50: Waste Music (Metal Eyes print)ICA@50: RAIR Mary Ellen Carrol exhibition card (front)ICA@50: RAIR Mary Ellen Carroll exhibition card (back)ICA@50: Mary Ellen CarrollICA@50: Mary Ellen CarrolICA@50: Mary Ellen Carroll

Limited Edition Prints

Prints will be on sale at the METAL EYES performance and via email.
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