Sep 13–Oct 11, 1967

A Romantic Minimalism

A Romantic Minimalism, 1967, installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.

The austere style of extreme reductiveness widely known as Minimalism has come to command major prominence on the contemporary art scene only in the last few years. Yet the presence of a second wave, composed for the most part of younger artists, equivalent to a succeeding generation in times of slower aesthetic flux, is already discernable. Their efforts, within the general frame of Minimalism, expectedly modify a number of its original stylistic premises; more significantly, they manifest a chance in sensibility and expressive goal. Recently, the critic Lucy R. Lippard characterized this work as “romantic.” … The present exhibition is an informal survey whose object is a definition of some of the more characteristic aspects of Romantic Minimalist sensibility and style.
-Stephen S. Prokopoff, Curator and ICA Director, 1967

Carl AndrePeter GourfainRalph HumphreyRobert MangoldBrice MardenAgnes MartinPaul MogensenDavid NovrosRobert RymanRichard Van BurenA Romantic MinimalismA Romantic MinimalismInstall: A Romantic Minimalism #3

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Linda Yun: there’s a universe in your head that leaks from your eyes and mouth and hands / A Romantic Minimalism (1967)

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