Apr 25, 2014, 12:18AM

Life Drawing Studio / Drawings: The Pluralist Decade (1980)



Drawing by Sarah McEneaney.

From 12–5pm on a spring Saturday, ICA became an atelier for an afternoon of drawing, with art supplies (pencils, sharpeners, erasers, paper) provided on a table in the lobby. Led by Beverly Semmes in bright red lipstick and a matching cardigan, with Anthony Campuzano, Jeffrey Gibson, Rune Olsen, and Sheila Pepe, a variety of exercises activated all parts of the museum: blind contour drawing in the downstairs gallery; drawing with light (inspired by Picasso’s famous light drawing of a centaur) in the auditorium; Exquisite Corpse on the terrace. Acrobatic models from the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts held short poses. Sheila Pepe clustered draw-ers around Kendell Geers’s Stripped Bare (based on Marcel Duchamp’s famous The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even) in the exhibition Ruffneck Constructivists, encouraging them to make fine line drawings of the cracks. Anthony Campuzano, with flowers in his hair, organized a not-so-still life on the ramp, and provided a five-hour play list including energizing music by David Bowie, the Stone Roses, and the Smiths. Participants from multi-generational groups to Penn students enjoyed lunch on the terrace and made new friends while their work was pinned up on a clothes line (old-style) and Instagrammed.
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