Jun 18, 2014, 8PM

Time Farmers on ICA’s Terrace / Locally Localized Gravity (2007)


A screening of Time Farmers, a group of contemporary animated shorts curated and introduced by Portland-based animator Lori Daimano. Featuring works by Leif Goldberg, Lilli Carré, Stefan Gruber, Amy Lockhart, Kristen Lepore, Jennifer Levonian, Jodie Mack, Trixy Sweetvittles, Jo Dery, Takeshi Murata, and Billy Grant. The program will accompany the Philadelphia premiere of Damiano’s recently completed film Lord I: The Records Keeper. Cold beer and colder popsicles served.
Locally Localized GravityICA@50: Pleasing Artists And Publics Since 1963ICA@50