Sep 22, 2016, 8PM

Miya Masaoka: A Line Becomes a Circle

Music Lessons Poster

Miya MasaokaMiya Masaoka_2

Makiko Sakurai: Vocals

Miya Masaoka: Koto, lasers, voice

Ann Moss: Vocals

Joel Davel: Percussion

The Institute of Contemporary Art is pleased to present musician, composer and installation artist Miya Masaoka, performing her piece A Line Becomes a Circle. This performance is presented as part of the ongoing exhibition Endless Shout, which asks how, why, and where performance and improvisation can take place inside the museum. A Line Becomes a Circle is organized by lead Endless Shout participant George Lewis, internationally acclaimed trombonist, composer, installation artist, and scholar. This event is free and open to the public.

Based in New York City, Miya Masaoka is a classically trained musician, composer and installation artist who has created works for koto, laser interfaces, laptops, chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras. The Wire calls her work “virtuosic, magnificent [and] essential,” while the New York Times refers to her as “an explorer of the extremes of her instrument.” Masaoka’s work spans a wide range of approaches and instrumentation, including traditional Japanese instruments, classical ensembles, mixed choirs, telematic performances and designed interactive wearable textiles. She has composed pieces using spatialization, sonification of data, mapped behavior of plants, brain activity and insect movement.

A Line Becomes a Circle is an excerpt from a chamber opera based on the Japanese haikus of Shiki Masaoka, a 19th-century poet, author and literary critic in Meiji period Japan. Masaoka’s piece features influences from Buddhist chanting combined with contemporary modalities and electronics. Masaoka, who recently returned from a trip to Japan during which she researched Shomyo and Nohmusic, has been commissioned by and collaborated with Bang On a Can, So Percussion, Either/Or Ensemble and the ROVA Saxophone Quartet, among many others, as well as working with such innovative artists as Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, Steve Coleman, Reggie Workman, Vijay Iyer, Anthony Braxton and Pharoah Sanders, just to name a few.