Sep 30–Nov 11, 1966

New Art in Philadelphia

New Art In Philadelphia, 1966, installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennyslvania

The purpose of this exhibition is to explore, along with the collectors, the range and diversity of existing contemporary art styles and directions available to those who wish to assemble a unique and personal collection. The number of small but good collections is very encouraging. Hundreds of collections exist today where less than half existed fifteen years ago, and a mere fraction of these fifty years before… This showing of contemporary art, however, barely scratches the surface, for good modern art exists in abundance here. There are many fine collections which, because of space, could not be represented. I have tried in this exhibition to capture the enthusiasm of collectors that are acquiring art which is not yet “safe”…. My respect … is for those collectors who, armed only with their own taste and personal vision, have searched for and found worthwhile artists in the area who have not been represented by galleries.
-Samuel Adams Green, Curator and ICA Director, 1967

Installation Views
New Art In Philadelphia, 1966, book cover, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania